Nike BMX Dunk Gyrizo and BMX Apparel

At the upcoming Olympics in Beijing Nike will be involved with design product for all 28 sports, which is contrast from 11 sports four years ago in Athens. An interesting addition not only to the Olympics games but also Nike is the sport of BMX which has been growing since its induction during the 1970’s, as both a competitive sport and and one on the streets. Always thinking outside the circle Nike have come up with this Nike Dunk Gyrizo, which is Greek for wheel along with innovative apparel that will be adorned by Nike athletes this summer.

“Looks like a dunk, but acts like Lance’s cleat.” That statement sums up the power and impact of the Nike Dunk Gyrizo, a shoe specifically designed for BMX racing. The Gyrizo, which is Greek for wheel, is actually built on the same cycling last as Lance Armstrong’s cleat. The external portion of the shoe looks like Nike’s wildly popular Dunk model, but the design of the internal plate transfers power in the up and down strokes of the rider. A strap on the upper and a lace pocket keep laces out of the rider’s spokes while a durable outsole compound was integrated to accommodate a wider bike pedal. Kevlar lace and metal grommets are also used to maximize durability. Rubber and thinner midsole on the shoe allow a rider to walk easily before and after races.

Nike’s goal is always to try to stay 100% authentic to the sport. The first uniform design created was ultra-lightweight, but riders wanted heavier versions, so Nike designers added more lining. The final version of the uniform actually ended up being 35% lighter than previous ones, but was still praised by the BMX athletes. A simple, Dri-FIT ringer tee is part of the uniform set and employs No-Sew technology and mesh on the back panel.

For the Beijing, Nike is outfitting the US, China and Japanese BMX teams whose uniform graphics are inspired by checkerboards and the classic Comp 3 tire tread. The graphics also take cues from 1980s style, including a Bob Haro-designed star logo on pants and phrases written on the seat of pants like “C-Ya.” The uniforms don’t have the same graphic system as the rest of the Beijing uniform family, an intentional move by Nike designers because the sport is so unique.

Look out for much more from this fascinating technology from Nike in the future with BMX continuing to grow as a competitive sport as well as a leisure sport.