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JR Plaster Portraits On The Pantheon In Paris

If Michaelangelo had been a socially-conscious graffiti artist, the Sistine Chapel would probably look something like JR‘s newest installation, “Au Pantheon.” The new exhibit features a …

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Nike Football “Risk Everything” Campaign featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr. & Wayne Rooney

“To win glory on the world’s biggest stage, the world’s greatest footballers must be willing to risk everything.” Nike Football have put together this short …

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JR’s “UNFRAMED” Project In Baden-Baden Germany Makes The City A Whole Lot Cooler

For his newest exhibition, Street Artist and Photographer JR decided to make Baden-Baden Germany much cooler. For the “UNFRAMED” Project, the artist asked for pictures …

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JR Has A New Exhibit At Museum Frieder Burda In Germany That Is Hot Hot Fire

French photographer JR has a new exhibit at the Museum Frieder Burda in Baden-Baden Germany. The gallery will show the artist’s public works, along with …

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JR’s New York City Ballet Show

Read more about this event. JR’s New York City Ballet Show

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A Better Look At The New York City Ballet Installation By JR

Ballet is finally interesting. We’ve talked a bit about The New York City ballet installation by JR before, and now we’re going to talk about it …

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French Street Artist JR X The New York City Ballet. Yes, Seriously.

In an interesting move — but one which makes sense given that we knew nothing of ballet before this — French street artist JR has …

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