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Banksy brings attention to Gaza with a new video and art intervention

The elusive British street artist Banksy published his art work in Gaza on his website with a short video clip titled ‘Welcome to Gaza.’ The …

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“Banksy in New York” chronicles the artist’s NYC graffiti spree.

Banksy took “residency” in New York City last year. During that period, many popular (and some not-so-popular) neighborhoods were visited by the artist, and he …

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Banksy’s Newest Work Is Called “Meat Truck”

Enjoy eating meat? Yeah, us too. That picture you’re looking at is called “Meat Truck” and it’s by none other than Banksy. Featuring a bunch …

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Banksy Returns To Take Aim At The British Version of NSA

Banksy is back and he’s just as controversial as ever. His newest piece appeared in Cheltenham, around a phone booth, and features a bunch of …

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Banksy Works with BNE to Fight Global Water Crisis

Today is World Water Day, and in honor of that, BNE has tapped Bansky to aid in relief of the global water crisis. Like everything …

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#WithSyria Video From Banksy and Idris Elba Is Highly Educational (And Depressing)

With the conflict in Syria reaching it’s third anniversary, elusive artist Banksy has created a cool (but really depressing) new video. Animated in Banksy’s signature …

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Banksy Olympics 2014 Project

Renowned and elusive artist Banksy has unveiled a new initiative, with the Sochi Winter Olympics serving as the inspiration. Mimicking the commercial nature of the games …

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