SLAMXHYPE was founded in 2003. Originally created as a portal to piece together street culture news in one place, whether it be the first sightings of street art, coverage of art shows, news of upcoming footwear or clothing or anything else; SLAMXHYPE curates what it considers the best into one place for you to feed from.

While SLAMXHYPE is widely considered the founder of a blog movement within this space, the digital phenonenon around street culture has led to a massive growth in awareness around something that at one point was kept underground with a genuine attitude of anarchy and challenge. Street Culture has become blurred with design, commerce, fashion and art, and with this SLAMXHYPE has moved with the culture.

There are now numerous blogs and digital portals which capture Street Culture daily. SLAMXHYPE prides itself in curating only the best and providing you with a measured delivery of only the relevant, news worthy and authentic.