“28 Millimetres: Women” by JR

French photographer JR has a very distinctive approach which is appreciated by the masses, blowing up his close up portraits and pasting them on various canvases from streets and starways around the world.

“In sharing his visually arresting imagery this way, JR forces viewers to recognize and ingest their fellow man (or woman) in a world that is becoming paradoxically isolated as we move forward in an increasingly codependent reality.  Therefore, we’re stoked JR will share news of his ongoing 28 Millimetres project exhibition in London at Lazarides Greek Street and Charing Cross, which will be linked by street work inspired by JR’s time spent in Rio de Janeiro, and will include new originals and a site specific installation. JR’s 28 Millimetres: WOMEN will open October 3rd, 2008. Get to know more of JR’s hands-on photographic approach in the two great videos below, and then see more of his work online at“.



Thanks to Juxtapoz for the videos and article.