On now at Y3K Gallery in Melbourne, Australia is new solo show from one of P.A.M.‘s half Misha Hollenbach. Entitled Indispensable Duties the show features odds and bobs, to the point of near-junk, formulated into an arranged formation of a representation of Misha’s perspective on the current society and what it entails. As Y3K Gallery puts it ‘(Misha Hollenbach) gets his hands dirty by searching through junk, or useless shit: wooden table legs, mannequins, pink bits and rubber poo. As a set of found objects and images rearranged and deranged, the work avoids a banal imitation of shit. However, these found objects, or fake shit are not as fake as they seem because shit is the ultimate simulacra, a copy of a copy’.

Have a look through the exhibition images below.