Mike Giant & Dalek in Paris


James Marshall aka Dalek and Mike Giant exhibit from tonight in the famous Parisian Magda Danysz gallery. For this exhibition event, Dalek presents his latest works acrylic on wood, and large original murals he has done during the week he spent in Paris. Although the Space Monkeys are not there (yet James says the opposite), we always appreciate all the rigor of his colorful geometric and the dynamic that emerges.

Although in the Dalek and Mike Giant are friends (they both share the passion of tattooing and Fixie, James even has a tattoo of Mike on the belly), the latter has an artistic universe miles away from Dalek. Indeed Mike Giant has only works in black ink without color, yet full of life. There is a strong influence of tattoo art which he has been practicing for 90 years, and many Hispanic Pin-up. Mike has also slipped a few references about Paris, a city he likes in particular. 

As you can see, this is a show not to be missed, we regret that there is no common work. 

Galerie Magda Danysz 

78 Rue Amelot 

Paris 75011

More images at Hypequest.