A Street Artist that began his work in 1998, his inspirations were from the late 70’s video game, “Space Invaders”.

Date of Birth: 1969
Location: Paris, France

About Invader

Invader is just an alias and his artwork has been known globally. The Invader’s abode is in Paris, France – which also happens to be where the most cited cases of the Invader have been seen. The inspiration of this Street Artist came from the video game, “Space Invaders”. Consisting of small colored cubicle squares that form into a mosaic design, the concept behind the “Space Invaders” project was to “invade” cities around the world with his artwork. Invader’s work can be seen in over 35 metropolitan cities around the world. Some of the major metropolises include London, New York City, Los Angeles, Prague, Vienna, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Melbourne, etc.

The locations that are chosen by Invader are chosen for specific reasons. The criteria can be based on anything from being strategic to conceptual. There is no recorded or documented photo of Invader, rather; what can be seen is creative imagery or a photo of a masked face. One of the most prominent locations of Invader’s work was seen on December 31, 1999 on the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. Mosaics were installed on the letter “D” and further future visits to Los Angeles led Invader to install mosaics on other letters.

The Space Invader project has lasted almost a decade and has inspired many other Street Artists to follow in the design concept of Invader. Unlike most Street Artists, Invader utilizes tiles, cement and glue so his work can generally out last most mural paintings. The popularity throughout the 8 years of invasions has led Invader to exhibit his artwork around the world.

Invader’s secondary project was the “RubikCubism”. This concept was inspired by creating artwork with Rubik’s Cubes. RubikCubism artwork ranged anything from video game characters to iconic photos of famous actors and musicians.


“Hitchhikers to the Galaxy” – 2009, Daejeon, South Korea

“Low Fidelity” – 2009, London, UK

“Ingres Et Les Modernes” – 2009, Montauban, France

“Top 10” – 2009, New York City, New York

“ALIFRANCE” – 2009, Milan, Italy

“Outsiders NY” – 2008, New York City, New York

“Insider, Outsider & the Middle” – 2008, Los Angeles, California

“The Streets of Europe” – 2007, New York City, New York

“Invasion London/Bad Men Part II” – 2007, London, UK

“Small, Medium, Large” – 2007, London, UK

“Bad Men Part I” – 2007, Cologne, Germany

“Spank the Monkey” – 2007, Newcastle, UK

“Believe the Hype” – 2006, London, UK

“Street Art” – 2006, Ljubljana, Slovenia

“RubikCubism” – 2005, Los Angeles, California

“RubikSpace” – 2005, Paris, France

“Manchester” – 2004, Manchester, UK

“Grandmaster Graff” – 2004, Paris, France

“I Invade Ho..ywo.d” – 2004, Los Angeles, California

“Copy it, Steal it, Share it” – 2003, Istanbul, Turkey

“While You Were Playing Rubik’s Cube” – 2003, Queens, New York

“Game Not Over” – 2003, Paris, France 
“Invader” – 2003, Melbourne, Australia

“Mono Culture” – 2002, Perth, Australia

“Coded Language” – 2002, Atlanta, Georgia

“Trigger Game Art” – 2002, Melbourne, Australia

“Expressure 4.2” – 2001 – Rotterdam, Netherlands 
“And A” – 2001, Tokyo & Osaka, Japan

“Untitled” – 2001, Paris, France

“Graphic Life” – 2001, Hong Kong, China

“All Systems Go” – 2001, Visby, Sweden

“6E Biennale D’Art Contemporain De Lyon” – 2001, Paris, France

“Acces(s)” – 2000, Pau, France

“Version 2000” – 2000, Geneva, Switzerland

“FIAC 2000” – 2000, Paris, France

“Souvenirs de paris” – 2000, Paris, France

“Global Tekno 2000” – 2000, La Beaute & Avignon, France

“Arkitip” – 2000, Lausanne, Switzerland

“ScreenArt” – 2000, Bern, Switzerland

“Same Player Shoot Again” – 2000, Paris, France

“Invasion of Armory Show” – 2000, New York City, New York

“Integral Home Studio” – 1999, Tokyo, Japan

“New Players Inset Coins” – 1999, Paris, France