Yoko Ono for THREEASFOUR Poster Set


O.H.W.O.W are at it again, their mission statement to make the world’s finest art accessable continues with the release of another Poster set. This time a collaboration between New York’s ThreeASFOUR and Yoko Ono, a continuation of the pairs joint efforts towards the brands Spring 2010 collection.

“Design trio ThreeASFOUR collaborated with Yoko Ono on their spring 2010 collection which debuts September 17, 2009. The clothes are inspired by Ono’s rarely seen dot drawings, which the designers turned into limited-edition prints on cotton and silk for the new collection. This set of three individually numbered posters were executed for this occasion. Each poster is 20 x 28 inches.

50 Poster sets will be made available for purchase exclusively through our bookstore. Each set consists of 3 individual designs. Posters will be on display September 17, 2009 at Milk Studios for the debut of the collection during New York City Fashion Week.

Each unsigned poster pack is numbered x/50.”




Source: Aaron Bondaroff