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Though most of Instagram is a wasteland of #selfies and #foodporn, there are actually talented photographers and entertainers that have been using the 3-year-old social media platform to change the way we see the world.

From the beautiful to the utterly insane, these are the 10 best Instagramers who need — nay, deserve — a coffee table book.


best instagramers

Futura‘s son 13thWitness is good at photography, and has access to creatives and tastemakers, so his Instagram is a diverse collection of travel, portrait, and action sport photography.

If you only follow one Instagram, follow his here.

@Jason Goldwatch

Jason Goldwatch

If it involves capturing wild action — whether in music video form for Action Bronson’s “Strictly For My Jeeps” or as stills on his Instagram, Jason Goldwatch knows what’s up.

He gets into some crazy stuff, get into it with him here.


best instagramers

Ricky Shabazz made his name directing music videos for rappers like Prodigy, Saigon, Smoke DZA, Juan Deuce and more, but now he’s focusing his creative juices on documenting NYC’s people and places as NoYourCity, an Instagram account and forthcoming documentary.

Check out the project here.


Jose Parla

José Parla has been writing and documenting graffiti for basically ever, and he specializes in works from Cuba and Miami. His Instagram will give you an insiders look at those burgeoning art scenes.

Do that here.


best instagramers

If you’re into the more traditional Women + Sunsets and/or Country Road Instagrams, Curious2119 nails that aesthetic.

Feast your eyes on them all here.


Fat Jew

In the age of the Internet meme, no one does it better than The Fat Jew. No one. He does, however, get himself into trouble sometimes: earlier this year, Instagram suspended his account. He got it reinstated, but only after staging a protest outside their building in NYC, which was as ridiculous as it sounds.

Follow him here.


best instagramers

So Wayne Gretzky’s daughter basically runs an I’m-A-Hot-Girl-Look-At-My-Adventures-type Instagram, but damn, is she hot. If you’re going to follow one of these types of accounts, make it hers.

Follow her adventures here.



This may be the official Instagram account of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, but sprinkled into their beautiful shots of stars, planets, and other space stuff, are pictures that prove even the most serious of astronauts have a sense of humor.

Follow them here.


Juicy J

Juicy J turns up, and you can always be a part of his weed, alcohol, lean, and food consumption thanks to his constant sharing. There’s also the occasional introspective Instagram as well.

Live the Juicy J lifestyle here.


best instagramers

The world famous Cam’ron does his fair share of Juicy J-style turn up documenting, but he also has a good eye for raunchy, absurd memes.

Step into the mind of a legend here.


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