With the opening of a new exhibition of works by Inez van Lansweerde and Vinoodh Matadin at the Gagosian Paris this year, AnOther Magazine share 10 fun facts about the Dutch photographers. Speaking with the publication last year, Vinoodh said “We don’t do “fashion” – we portray people,” a statement which is characteristic of the creative duo’s sense of humanity, personal interaction with their subjects, understanding and empathy when it comes to their art.

1. Inez and Vinoodh met at the Vogue Academy of Fashion Design in their hometown, Amsterdam, where they both initially studied fashion design — Vinoodh from 1981 to 1985 and Inez from 1983 to 1985.

2. When they started their collaboration, Vinoodh was credited as the stylist, Inez the photographer. When they began shooting for Vogue, they began to use a joint credit.

3. Their names amount to 34 characters and has 8 syllables.

4. In 2004, Inez and Vinoodh filmed Kate Moss dancing to Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ during a shoot for Harper’s Bazaar in LA. At the time, it was rare to see Kate on film.

5. They are two of a handful of duos working in the creative industry. Others include M/M (Paris), Mert and Marcus and Gilbert & George.

6. Their birthdays are 3 days apart – Inez September 25th, Vinoodh 29th – making them both Libra. The romantic combination of two Libras is understood to be one of the most agreeable, romantic and well-balanced relationships. Characteristics of the star sign include being intellectual, refined, communicative, social and artistic.

7. Inez and Vinoodh live in Manhattan, New York in a loft apartment with their son, Charles Star Matadin. They have a Table Bleue coffee table by Yves Klein.

8. Inez and Vinoodh are obsessed with flowers and methods of flower arranging.

9. Inez regularly wears New Balance trainers.

10. At this time they have 31,974 followers on twitter and use it regularly. The last twit pic of Vinoodh and Charles in a lift was taken by Inez.

(via AnOther