1. His name is actually Zeus. (Well, his middle name, anyway.)

2. He was only sixteen years old when he first met Doze Green, who taught him can control and other secrets of the spray.

3. He got to fill in for Lee Quinones and paint some walls at the London premiere of graffiti classic ‘Style Wars’ in 1983.

4. He was invited to teach Prince Charles how to spray paint.

5. He is a champion at churning out bad jokes (although I must confess that I frequently laugh at them).

6. In the battle between bagged baby American carrots and the wholesome English variety, he goes stateside.

7. His favorite artists include Herakut, Anish Kapoor, Anthony Gormley, Zahar Hadid, Know Hope, and Adam Neate.

8. He is a good Englishman through and through, proudly sporting scalding red skin whenever he visits a place with sun.

9. He’s been doing what he does for twenty-four years now, stepping it up at events and exhibitions around the world, from Norway to Singapore.

10. He is currently in Los Angeles – stay tuned to find out why!

2789261146_53d0f55e841Zeus at Nuart

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