New York design office, Leong Leong, were behind the creation of  3.1 Phillip Lim new flagship store in Seoul, Korea. The designers are also responsible for Phillip Lim’s Los Angeles location, so you might see some familar looks and themes, Leong Leong simply took LA store “as a “base element” for the new store, cropping, cutting and stacking the original to fit the Seoul site,” fitting the expansion all into a 4 storey building.

Leong leong is a New York-based design office practicing in the fields of architecture, culture and urbanism. Lla’s internationally recognized work is driven by a commitment to ideas and their realization. Lla believes the practice of architecture is a collective intelligence in constant dialogue with other disciplines, cultures, thinkers, and makers to offer new possibilities to engage the city. As a result, ideas are not generated in a vacuum but emerge from critical conversation, analysis, and experimentation. This concept-based approach to design is coupled with a deep interest in methods of production that challenge norms and reveal new territories.


Source: Dezeen

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