Harmony Korine, Ryan McGinley, and Dash Snow joint exhibition entitled 3+1 opened at Galerie du Jour in Paris last night. With paintings and photographs from each of the guys involved, the show will run through until 6th November 2010. Photos from Annabel Fernandes of Purple.

Mute Horse Loos and Shunky Poo Sacks by Harmony Korine

Work above Untitled (Mim 2) by Dash Snow

Ever Gladious and Old Eater by Harmony Korine

Ryan McGinley and Jade Berreau

Beyond Chance by Harmony Korine

Rachel and Harmony Korine

Series of paintings by Harmony Korine

Untitled (Metalic Trees) by Dash Snow

Beyond Chance by Harmony Korine

Harmony Korine

Snowy Snowy by Harmony Korine