“Three loud blasts from a steam whistle screamed out as the rain drizzled on the riverbank here. And the fleet of seven eclectic handmade ships slowly moved away.

Only minutes before their launching, on Friday around noon, a group of people, mostly in their 20s and 30s, was still preparing for the voyage down the Hudson River. In between bites of jelly doughnuts, the crew, dressed in hipster hillbilly chic, hustled to clean up pieces of scrap metal and ready the boats. In the middle stood the artist known as Swoon in a bright yellow rain poncho and jeans.

It is because of Swoon that this collection of artists, carpenters, musicians, filmmakers, seafarers and hangers-on was here. For the past year she has been preparing for this project, a floating trip that will take the group down the Hudson, from Troy through the harbor of New York to Long Island City, Queens, where the fleet will dock at the Deitch Studios and remain stationed as part of an exhibition beginning September 7…”

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