A SHOW OF FORCE is a unique collaboration between artist, Sunil Pawar and the Stern Pissarro Gallery in St.James, London, to coincide with the Frieze Art fair.

Never before have entities from two diverse spectrums of the art world worked together so intrinsically,

Sunil, an artist known for reflecting the vibrant music and art scene of contemporary London, and Stern Pissarro, a gallery a stone’s throw away from Buckingham Palace, specialising in the work of the seminal 18th century painter Camille Pissarro and his descendants, have come together to showcase this explosive exhibition.

For ‘A Show of Force’, Sunil creates a dynamic and powerful range of studies by exploring the parallels and similarities between DJ sound clashes and classic sporting pose with themes of battle and survival, the struggles and fights that we face on a daily basis. Sunil’s life experience of daily battles and survival is resonant throughout this body of work which provides a window into the artist’s challenges and struggle.

At the age of Nineteen, Sunil was diagnosed with epilepsy, two different strains in each side of his brain – to the amazement of his doctors, to this day he still succeeds in living a full and varied life.

This sense of overcoming adversity brings a heightened tenacity to these vivid portrayals of strength and power in his now trademarked unique pop art style. Sunil mixes spray paint and acrylics to create bold and brash imagery, as loud as the music that inspires him, Pawar’s work mixes abstract and graphical images and text with his distinctive style of composition.

Alongside his paintings, Sunil will be exhibiting specially created and customised sound equipment including the new SLDM900 dub siren which will be set up for use…


[vimeo width=”620″ height=”400″]http://vimeo.com/28943624[/vimeo]

Stern Pissarro Gallery / 66 St. James Street / London / SW1A 1NE / England