LA-based artist and perfumer Emmelie Brunetti has just launched the new Nomad solid perfume amulet collection, which is part of her new umbrella company ‘A Treatise On White Magic‘, which holds everything from Brunetti’s art to photographs to perfume. Beautifully packaged in a one-of-a-kind handmade leather medicine bag by Heyoka; sterling silver Navajo pill box filled with black amber balm solid perfume.

The collection holds 13 one-of-a-kind solid perfume amulets all of which can be viewed at the web store, each amulet is named after shamanic psychoactive flora and fauna listed in a book entitled “Garden of Eden”. The soundtrack on the blackamberbalm site is by The Black Angels, Pentagram & Blue Cheer.

Previously housed under the website, which is now under maintenance… the site will no longer be a blog, it will be a shopping cart where the new zine that Ed Davis (HM Press) published will be sold. He created a zine in a limited edition of 40 that was inspired by images from the blog.

See A Treatise On White Magic Nomad solid perfume amulet collection and zine images below.

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