AnOther Thing have put together a great interview with New Yorker figurehead Aaron Bondaroff aka A-Ron who has played such a pivotal role in street culture for some years now, not only in his city but globally. Although as vague as ever he mentions “I don’t know what I do – it’s what I do, you know,” he part-founded the legendary Supreme in 1994 before launching his own brand aNYthing in 2001, and most recently being an influential part of OHWOW gallery that opened in 2008. This great read provides us with a further insight into what inspired Bondaroff when he was growing up, going to the roots of the individual who continues to make an impact.

“My father was definitely an inspiration when I was growing up – always being a hustler from Brooklyn, creating his own ways to live and bring money into the family. It wasn’t traditional so I was always around that untraditional format of making money and never really knowing what he was doing but understanding that he was doing something that was his own thing. My father had several businesses that were short lived and would always shut down, so the idea of creating multiple things, just keeping and making things happen or trying to figure out how to bring money into the family is definitely a big part of my attitude. I guess a lot of freedom also really inspired me because I was never grooved by the structure so I can’t imagine ever even having a job – even when I was younger I hated that idea of structure, you know from school to having my first few jobs. There’s no real recipe to where I’m at now ‘cause I didn’t plan it, I was just always trying to think of new ideas and new schemes to make money and to be successful and avoid the system.”

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