Highlighting the creative possibilities that can be captured using the built-in HD camera of iPhone 4, Incase today released Kreuzberg, the first of three original short films and photo essays by director and curator Aaron Rose. Known as one of the cornerstones of the street art movement, Rose is an artist, film director, exhibition curator and writer who merged his artistry, love for travel and reliance on his iPhone to create the visuals of Kreuzberg and two upcoming film and photo essay releases.

While traveling in Germany, Rose shot Kreuzberg on location in the Berlin neighborhood of the same name. Rose used the high-definition camera on his iPhone 4 while relying on the Incase Snap Case to provide his iPhone with the protection that international travel and on-location shooting requires.

According to Rose, the film is a tribute to Brian Eno and David Bowie, both of whom recorded in Kreuzberg in the 1970s. Since the 1980s, the historically Turkish neighborhood of Kreuzberg has also been home to a population of artists, musicians and anarchists. Kreuzberg’s main characters are Fiona Geuss, an art historian who reads excerpts from Boris Groys’ essay on “light luggage,” and Nathan Harrington, a musician who also created the film’s original score. In the film, Harrington recites a poem written by Rose expressing nostalgia for the town and its storied history that echoes in its streets.

The three-part series by Rose will showcase how his creative mind harnessed the capabilities of iPhone 4 to create an inspired visual experience that engages viewers. Following Kreuzberg, two additional films and photo essays by Rose will release on November 2 and November 30.