One of our favourite artists, Aaron Young is about to open his latest solo exhibition “the right way to do wrong” at the Beverly Hills branch of the influential Gagosian Gallery next week.

Set to include many of his recognisable motifs such as battered iron barricades recast in gold-plated steel, with added gritty titles such as Insiders Say and Various Reports, paintings stenciled with ominous phrases such as “Beware of Locals!” made by spraying glass panels with burnt rubber, as well as life-size glass casts of wrecking balls, all propped and placed seemingly randomly around the gallery.

This is Young’s first ever solo show in Beverly Hills and it will be interesting to see what the denizens of the US’s most galmorous city make of his rebellious urban culture meets high art work.  Stay tuned for a more indepth look at the show once it opens.

“The right way to do wrong” is at the Gagosian Gallery Beverly Hills from the 15th January until 27th February.