The Absolut Blank campaign curated by MADE continues with the latest artist to participate, VJ Safy Sniper.

This past Saturday, December 1st, saw the official launch of the project, with Parisian artist Yué Wu presenting his unique artwork – “The Circle of Life”, an installation & animation film. Wu also carried out a live-painting session that was projected live directly on to the Absolut Art-Stream canvas.

Safy Sniper is a pioneer when it comes to visual-art and the art of VJ´ing. His unique approach to this craft involves working with actual live footage and mixing eclectic visual elements together to create something new.

For his Absolut Art-Stream work, Safy used Blue Box technology to capture different dancers’ movements and gestures. He used this footage, together with music and other visual elements to create a live experience here in MADE and projected outside on the canvas of the Absolut Art-Stream. (photos: Matthias Maercks)