In another impeccable collaboration Ace Hotel is now teaming up with The Impossible Project. TIP started in October 2008 by saving the last Polaroid production plant for instant film in the Netherlands. At present day Impossible continues to produce brand new and unique instant films for Polaroid photography enthusiasts and ensuring its place with a new generation. Going one step further, they are teaming up with Ace Hotel this September by providing a refurbished Polaroid camera and “Impossible x Ace Hotel” PX 600 Silver Shade instant black & white film in EVERY room at Ace Hotel New York.

Also, currently on view is a show entitled “24 Hours of Ace” which exhibits works of friends of the boutique hotel including  Adam Goldberg, Andie Acosta, Anne Bowerman, Araks Yeramyan, Chloe Aftel, Dave Ortiz, Devon Turnbull, Elijah Wood, Jeremy Kost, Nicole Held, Michael Nevin, Pat Sansone and Steve Olson. This will run from September 12th – October 14th.

In August 2012 there will be a follow up show that will feature fan submitted works from

If you won’t be staying in NYC anytime soon you can still buy a starter kit here.

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