Tout Dit (2D)is Agathe Snow’s first solo exhibition with OHWOW that will open at the LA space on November 10. Presenting a new body of work, Snow reveals a series of vivid wall reliefs, which are directly concerned with space and perspective. Using recognizable imagery – an archetypal vocabulary of shapes and objects – Snow articulates hypothetical events, scenarios, and conditions through groupings of these various items. However, unlike the full disclosure afforded by three- dimensional perspective, here, the artist’s use of two-dimensional format translates lapses and incomplete realities due to the limited scope inherent in wall-work.

Conceptually, Snow’s objective with this series is to displace the standard perception of dimensionality. By taking mass, rendered prostrate by concealing every angle, she offers only a partial glimpse of totality, or of an object’s true being. In doing so, she explores the notion of “flat’ – what flatness infers when speaking about art, or even in describing individuals and situations. The work she created argues for the sake of one-sided stories.

Tout Dit (2D) gambles with configuration, exploiting the possibilities achievable through the physical realization of an individual viewpoint. By presenting this platform for singular expression, Snow translates a personal narrative relating the often-limited dynamics of perception. Subsequently, this exhibition furnishes an enduring illusion, positing a figuratively impossible dimension, born of a literal compression.

OHWOW LA / 937 North La Cienega Blvd. / Los Angeles / CA 90069 / United States