The Tracks Headphone with mic is an on-ear headphone inspired by the function and design of the old iconic walkman headphones. The development has been a collaboration with Kilo Design to ensure a unique expression together with the newest speaker driver technology and material craftsmanship. The 40mm speaker offers a full spectrum sonic experience from the deepest bass to high frequency tones. This specific version is a limited edition of 1500 pieces made together with us!!!

About the Project:

When two worlds of the creative music industry meet together with high-tech design the finished product needs to provide a highly accurate technical aspect alongside a product that delivers an appeal to like minded creatives.

Here at SlamxHype design, functionality and aesthetic are what we regard as the three essential features for new products to embody in order to be successful. Be it with clothing, design or art. Mid century design from Dieter Rams has influenced our collaboration with AIAIAI as we feel his priority of simplicity, scale and usability to be an essential starting point within our headphones product. With our personal interests lying within the vast span of creative industries, music has a huge importance and relevance to our work and the work we love to see. With references spanning all over products we see today, we feel so many of the roots laid in our industries today has stemmed from music. A constant inspirational point for many designers, music sits alongside each brand and company, continuing to drive their ideas and personal references for their chosen products. So why not refine the way these creatives hear and listen to their music and at the same time create a product that lets everybody enjoy music via a considered product that people from every aspect of our generation can benefit from. Special thanks to Anthony Coleman for designing the AIAIAI X SLAMXHYPE Tracks Headphone on behalf of the team at SLAMXHYPE!

Happy listening. The AIAIAI X SLAMXHYPE Tracks Headphone with mic are available NOW at our online store.

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  1. tim

    I think I’d be more convinced of your audio engineering credentials if you were able to spell “bass” correctly.