Alëxone has been invited to participate in a special event at the Louis Vuitton art space on the Champs-Elysées on Thursday, June 18. The event, which takes place during the exhibition Ecritures Silencieuses, is one of a series of performances exploring the links between writing, graffiti and art. Charismatic French hip hop artist Oxmo Puccino will perform.


Ecritures Silencieuses features the work of Claude Closky / Tracey Emin / Ni Hafeing / Jenny Holzer / Idris Khan / Joseph Kosuth / Barbara Kruger / Ernesto Neto /Giuseppe Penone / Robin Rhode / Marco Nereo Rotelli / Charles Sandison / Lawrence Weiner /Guyton\Walker / Sun7.  It will be open for viewing through August 23rd.