Kai Regan’s photography exhibition RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT marks the launch of ALIFE PRESENT’s New York creative space. The newest addition to ALIFE’s family of Rivington Street stores serves as a unique exhibition and event space dedicated to promoting artists and the creative community. SLAMXHYPE caught up with the New York-based photographer/filmmaker on the eve of opening night.

SLAMXHYPE – What is the story behind RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT? How did you conceive it?

Kai Regan – The story is I got arrested in the Rivington Hotel throwing bottles out of the window from the 13th floor cause I was mad as fuck at myself. Let’s just say there were drugs and strippers involved, and this was about 11 am btw on a Sunday. I went to booking for about 64 hours and was charged with reckless endangerment plus a few other felonies sprinkled on top. I got off with time served and about 20 g’s in lawyer fees. GOD BLESS AMERICA. The theme of the show is based on those experiences and things to come understanding my frustrations and putting them to work for you vs. locking you down….something along those lines. I am thinking about doing a film about this story so I kept it vague.

SXH – Does this exhibition mark a new direction for your work?

KRYes, a strong nude erection in my work…. nah, just playing. Yes, it’s the same but different, more evolved but very familiar to my sensibilities and style.


SXH Is this your first collaboration with Alife?

KRYes, even though we have worked on many things throughout the years with them, this is the first full scale project for sure….not the last, that’s for damn sure…

SXH You are a filmmaker too – having worked on videos and shorts for The Virgins, CocoRosie and Nike. How does the filmmaking process differ from photography for you?

KROne takes about 30 people to do it well, the other I can do in my bathroom drunk…film making is all about the people you work with and about trying to tell stories with ideas that have music, actions, cutting, cameras, moves — you have a little more tricks in the bag. Photo is what’s on the page, will always be on the page, sitting there for you to critique and judge and love it or hate it or not give a fuck about it. Different swords to fall on…

SXH Do you prefer one over the other?

KRBoth make me who I am, and what theme or task at hand has its own medium.


SXH What is your background and what inspired you to become an artist?

KR – Not wanting to paint houses like my old man. It was the only other option so I just put my heart into it and never thought twice about anything else.

SXH What’s ahead for Kai Regan?

KRHmmm…..death and taxes? Who knows. I kinda want to write a book, but I would need someone to write it and then I would take credit for it.


Opening Reception: Thursday, June 11 7-10pm

On View: June 11 – July 12, 2009

ALIFE PRESENTS // 157 Rivington Street, New York, NY 10002

And for the West Coast kids, ALIFE PRESENTS drops into Los Angeles on Friday, June 19 to present Arkitip + Shepard Fairey.