Anthony Coleman plays a huge part of the success of SLAMXHYPE, and has done for some time. We speak about Art Directors and designers who we love often, but when it comes to Anthony, we love his work so much he’s ours!! Not just AD for SLAMXHYPE, but also The New Order Magazine and a host of high profile clients. 2011 is due to see some changes at SLAMXHYPE, most of them aesthetic and we’re hoping Anthony is resting well over the holidays. When it comes to talented Art Directors, Anthony is up there on a global scale! Here’s what he’s after for XMAS.

Joya Parfum Composition No.6:
Everything about each piece produced by New York based Joya studios is spot on. From the hand crafted porcelain vessels each of their parfumes resides in, to their carefully composed fragrances, the though and execution is is simply unmatched. Parfum Composition No.6 stands out as the winner from their offerings with its mix of flower blossoms, berries and cederwood.Opening Ceremony

Snug by Nami Torimaru Neck Warmer:
With cold weather the right protection from the elements is essential, yet there aren’t many options that really fit the profile I was looking for, hand-crafted, warm, and character. Nami’s pieces are something to be seen in person. The beautiful knit fabric she hand crafts into her wonderful knits aare more works of art then anything. Craftsmenship at its finest. Snug ny

Graphic Design for Fashion by Jay Hess and Simone Pasztorek:
I’m constantly seeking inspiration and I feel this maybe one of the best addition any design weather that be in traditional or other could add to their reference library. A highly dense and diverse selection of pieces from the developing fashion world. Laurence King Publishing

Monocle Vol.1 Issue.01:
Literally the last issue I need to completely my collection. Monocle

Tattoo session with Scott Campbell:
I’ve been a long time admirer of the complete body of work of Scott Campbell from his art to his tattoo work. Would be honored to have a bit of his work forever engrained in a tattoo.