Tokyo based street culture icon, Fraser Cooke gives us an insight into what he’s asking Santa for this year. Read on…

Keith Richards “life” Book. Excellent book by Keith Richards and his long time friend James Fox, which goes into extreme detail about his long and colorful life and of course much dirt behind the scenes with the Rolling Stones. I’ve read this one already but a great present for a friend. Excellent book and testament to one man’s love of music above all else.

Audi RS6. I basically have a great fondness for the simple understated great design of Audi cars and this one is a true wolf in sheep’s clothing. A beast of a car without the flashiness.

David Bowie Station to Station special edition book by Genesis publishing UK. I saw this book at Corso Como in Tokyo earlier this year and it stuck in my mind. So recently I ordered it and indeed it will be a Christmas present to myself. Absolutely beautifully crafted made to order book featuring some incredible images and stories from Bowie’s mid 70′s tours throughout Russia Japan and the US.

Rolex Explorer 2 early edition. Not much to say about this other than it has a really striking design compared to many other Rolex models, which retail some kind of uniformity. Quite chunky for its time and although many like the vintage Daytona’s, which are also beautiful, there’s something really special about these watches.

5Phonon Blackstar edition device. Phonon is a Japanese company making devices that “clean’ the sound from your audio system this generating a more even and perfect sound. Alex From Tokyo put me onto this and this is in fact his special version. All I need now is a better set to speakers to make it worthwhile.