Michael Leon is a genuine creative, from his high profile role at Nike to the return of his own brand Stacks, he’s proven time and time again himself as one of the most talented art directors in the world today. His own art seen through exhibitions, sculpture, zines and more has a DIY feel about it, and Michael has chosen his selection of gifts with that in mind, gifts that enable you to create.

NOS Plastic and Metal Freeformers. Yong-Ki from Solitary Arts found these deadstock on a pallet of decomposing cardboard boxes at and old toy warehouse in Brooklyn. All branded with Torrance, California on each component from the trucks to the wheels. (Link)

Two Birds Fly Kyle Field Model. Beautiful boards from a small family of artists and shapers from San Francisco. (Link)

Estwing Hammers. Buy a great one once and you will never need another. Estwing, out of Rockford, makes some of the best. (Link)

Suminagashi (Marbling) Kit. I experimented with this a while back with no success. Like most crafts, I figure there’s gonna be a way to subvert the traditional method and come up with something new. Gillian Schwartz brought this technique up recently and we are working towards using it to create skateboard graphics. (Link)

Singer HD110 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine. Commercial speed and durability at a consumer price. (Link)