Without doubt one of the most talented Art Directors around. A veteran of this culture having served time at the likes of Girl, Nike, and Stussy, Rob Abeyta’s Dual Forces Studio leads the way. Here’s what he’s after for XMAS this year.

Suunto X10 Militar. Cardinal directions. Waypoints. Digital compass. Red backlight. What more could you need? Well, it would be better if it sent signals to someone. Somewhere.

KEVIN MITNICK BUSINESS CARD. Multi-use, lock -picking business card from world famous hacker Kevin Mitnick. Maybe his juju would rub off and they would make a movie about me in the 1980’s when I was near NORAD aka Cheyenne Mountain. Matthew Broderick would be too old to play me though. Maybe Matt Damon playing Jason Bourne playing me would be better.

Black Flag / Loose Nut / Live 1985 / Skateboard Deck [Signed] Raymond Pettibon. I did hundreds of skateboard designs during my tenure at GIRL. Not one is signed by Raymond Pettibon. This would complete the missing link.

Programmable Matter. Why would I want it? Duh..it’s the future. And I could make different things. And stuff.

PURITY, 2008-2009. The sculpture is okay. I just have really been wanting Iranian Onyx in the shape of a head. Since we don’t really kick it well with Iran, this is a good way to get my fix.
If I get it from Santa, I can modify it a bit.

INVISIBILITY CLOAK. Definitely be ahead of the fashion game with this bad boy. I could cruise with Errolson in his spy car or play tricks on Nike VP’s at sneaker events.