Tim Moore is the Editor in Chief of Letter to Jane Magazine. A magazine which embodies the new movement of Independant Print Media and one of our favourite new periodicals on the market. We asked Tim what he was after for XMAS.

Stack Magazines. This is a must buy for anyone who is into design. Some of the best independent magazines delivered to your door throughout the year, handpicked by some of the brightest people in the business. I ultimately look at services like this as a great learning tool in my own work of using curation and design as a means of expression.

Shock Corridor Blu Ray. (Link) I’m surprised at the amount of people who like a film such as Godard’s Breathless but have never heard of the film’s inspiration Samuel Fuller. This remastered version of Shock Corridor isn’t out till January but it’s a must buy for me. His style was simple, honest, and full of energy. People often look at his movies as silly B movie stuff which is a shame.

Opening Ceremony X Timberland 7 Eye Moccasin Boot. I don’t like it when men go for flashy, over designed footwear. Only about 20% of us can actually pull it off and the rest look like they’re trying to hard. I much rather prefer something like this: nice basic style, but still with a bit of character for those who want to look a little closer.

Glif for iPhone 4. I just got one of these but I want to order 5 more so I always have one close by. Such a simple and effective design that really does open up more creative possibilities for iPhone 4 users.

La Pavoni Professional Lever Espresso Machine. I fit the Pacific Northwest stereotype of being obsessed with coffee. This is the newer and more heavy duty version of the machine I have, and it makes an amazing shot of espresso. This machine alone will elevate your quality of life by at least 20%

The Red Shoes on Blu Ray. If you don’t get caught up in the stiffness that comes with a British movie from 1948, you’ll see that this is one of the most artistic films ever made. It has been a countless inspiration for the work of directors such as Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola, (It actually plays a big part of the story in Tetro). I personally love how it can naturally take things from silent film, animation, ballet, poetry, and mix it all together in a contemporary film.