We know you’ve all got women in your life to buy for this XMAS, so we thought we’d ask some of our female friends what they’re after on this coming holiday. Laura Vignale is an incredibly talented Art Director based in New York who can count the likes of Nike, Nylon, Dana Lee, Apple and Surface as clients.

Rag & Bone Everest Overnight Travel Bag
I think this bag is the perfect getaway bag. Would be great for weekend trips or just totting around the city if you need to carry extra stuff. I think it will look even better with age. $395

Dior Homme iPad Case
This ipad case isn’t even out yet but I love it’s simplicity and black beauty. I actually don’t even have an iPad yet but I would love to both buy this item as a gift and own it myself.
rumors have it that it will retail for aprox $900.

Marylebone Leather Dress
This is the perfect black winter dress for holiday. It’s the perfect mix of downtown cool with a little bit of chic added in. It’s super mini and hits me at that perfect place. It fit me like a glove but it’s still leather and quite pricey.
It’s prooving hard to find in NY in my size, Bergdorf still has a few left.
$995 (on sale now for $666)

Isabel Marant Bronze Chain Link Bracelet
I love heavy chunky bracelet that have a nice weight to them. This one is especially beautiful because the bronze is kind of worn out looking. $375

Supermodel skateboard – Lara Stone edition
I grew up in Vancouver, b.c. which is a huge skateboard hub. I even skateboarded for years. I always loved the artwork on the decks and always wanted to collect boards. Now that I work in fashion and saw these boards I wanted them all.
The Lara one in particular cause I think she looks especially hot and she’s wearing hot boots. I love that they are wearing nothing but beautiful high heeled shoes. $100

Carribean Vacation – Tobago
It’s so damn cold in NY during the winter that I’m dying to go somewhere warm and get a tan. So as soon as I saw this post on NYT’s blog this morning, I’ve been dreaming about it. I’ve actually asked my bf for this for xmas, a romantic getaway to somewhere hot. And Tobago is looking really good. These photos are super hot too. aprox $600 (i checked flights today for end of January)