Earlier this week Berdgorf Goodman showcased their out of place “Outside Artist” window display. The very elaborate displays are in collaboration with American Visionary Art Museum and grace 11 Goodman windows.

The art blends designer clothing with pieces and collections of art from artist who are actually doctors, engineers and other blue collar professions. The idea was inspired when the Bergdorf visual team was sent to seek inspiration at the museum.

Some of the more recognized pieces are: Divine,a drag sculpture by Andrew Logan, the little “critters” at the foot of the display (Clyde Jones) , and the wooden cowboy (Ben Ortega). But the piece that has stole the show is Fifi. The gigantic pink poodle in between the Goyard and Prada sections, inside the store. The windows will be in full form until July 20th. To see more.




Thanks to Racked.