German artist Andreas von Chrzanowski stands a head above his peers, both in the mature scope of his subject matter and with a style that merges precise photo realism with an ironic understanding of otherworldly magic. His next solo exhibition, Never odd or eveN, is his first in London and will open at Signal Gallery in association with Campbarbossa on February 18 2010. The exhibit will run through March 6 2010.


Also known as case when painting as a member of respected German graffiti crew Ma’Claim, von Chrzanowski’s work is inimitable. Not one to let his fans and collectors get too comfortable, the artist continues to enthrall by creating one amazing work of art after another, each crafted entirely with spray paint. There is arguably no artist who can wield spray paint with such exquisite precision, and certainly none who does so to such powerful effect.

Andreas von Chrzanowski is going important places so make sure to keep an eye on what is certain to be a stellar London solo debut. Visit his website here.