Andrew Petterson has handpainted 50 pairs of Oakley Frogskins that will be released soon to a very small handful of retailers. I have seen all 50 of them first hand, I must say that Petterson did an extremely impressive job with them. Each pair is unique and they will come in all black packaging to be sold in sort of a “grab-bag-like” philophy in which the consumer will not know what pair he or she is receiving. Also, retailers are urged not to divulge the contents of each package. Only 25 shops were selected to carry these, with 2 pairs being allocated to each location. Here are some images of some of the sunglasses, with more to follow.

Andrew Petterson Oakley Frogskins

Andrew Petterson Oakley Frogskins

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  1. mamat

    hello!where can i get the Andrew Petterson Oakley Frogskins?thanks!

  2. Hairi

    where i can get this in singapore or malaysia,and how much??