Oakley has recruited Andrew Petterson to create 50 hand painted Frogskins as an extension of their Artist Series program. We do not have images at the moment, and it is for a very good reason. This project is special in a sense that all 50 are unique and numbered by the artist and to celebrate that, Oakley will be teaming up with BLENDS in Costa Mesa to host an event in which all 50 will be present and accounted for, and this will be the only time that all of them will be available for viewing before being allocated to the 25 stores lucky enough to receive them. The sunglasses will be packaged in all black, including the protective bag that accompanies all Frogskins, to maintain the mystery of what one will be getting for their purchase. The release is slated for October, with the event taking place at the end of September. We will keep you posted on this special release and the event that will commemorate the sunglasses as the time draws near.