caught up with Andrew Richardson of Richardson Magazine for a really interesting chat to coincide with the release of the latest issue A5, Richardson have also presented a video for the new A5 issue which you can view here.

What made you decide to launch Richardson?
Well, after I’d gone out on my own as a stylist, I was working a lot with Terry Richardson and Mario Sorrenti, and we were doing stuff that was really anti-grunge, anti that whole asexual thing about grunge, and most magazines wouldn’t publish it. But there was this one guy in Tokyo—Charlie Brown [a.k.a. Fumihiro Hayashi]—who had a magazine calledDune, and he’d run those stories. At some point, I showed him a scrapbook of ideas I had, and he said, you know, it would be interesting to see what kind of porn magazine you’d do. So we did one.

Do you see Richardson as a porn magazine?
No. We like to call it a sex magazine. We recontextualize sex; we’re analytical about it.Richardson isn’t about coming. Which is the point of porn.

So what is the point?
Stimulation. Not orgasm stimulation, but stimulating debate. It’s like an asexual sex magazine.

I’m not sure how many copies you’re going to sell on the back of that marketing campaign. “An asexual sex magazine.” Sign me up!
We have quite a cult following, actually. People were really excited to have the magazine back.

Yeah, what happened there? Why the eight-year hiatus between issues?
Well, part of that is, this is a really personal project. It takes time. And it takes money to manufacture. There are certain qualities I won’t compromise, like the paper and the way it’s printed. But the other thing is, there’s a real challenge in finding material that suits. We don’t have huge resources to commission, and we have to use all of our intelligence and guile to get good work.

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