Released earlier this month are two interesting hardcover books on pop art legend Andy Warhol, highlighting his involvment in the music industry. Titled “Catalogue Raisonne” and “Andy Warhol Live“. Catalogue Raisonne reproduces the fifty covers, front and back, designed
over four decades that bear Warhol’s unmistakable imprint. It also includes over 100 additional illustrations, featuring related works by Warhol, photographs of performances as well as documentary images identifying his visual sources. While Andy Warhol Live reveals the myriad ways Warhol immersed himself in the music of his time. Tracing back to Warhol s introduction to music through the musical comedies, songs, and soundtracks of his youth, the book opens with Warhol s portraits of the great films stars of his childhood. As the fascinating essays collected in this volume discuss, Warhol s renowned portraits of pop music icons such as Mick Jagger, Debbie Harry, and Grace Jones are just one manifestation of his interest in music.



Both available on Amazon now.

Info: CoolHunting