To celebrate the current Andy Warhol “Motion Pictures” exhibition at MOMA in New York, the world famous museum has created a fun website that allows fans to produce their own Warhol style screen test.

The “Motion Pictures” exhibition focuses on Warhol’s cinematic portraits and non-narrative, silent, and black-and-white films from the mid-1960s. In particular his Screen Tests which revel in his lifelong fascination with the cult of celebrity.  The Screen Tests website builds on the success of social media sites like ChatRoulette to allow anyone to create their own screen test film on the great artist’s iconic style.

Since the rise of social media art critics and commentators have mused just how much Warhol would have loved the technology and the opportunity it provides ever member of society to have their “15 minutes of fame”.  It would be fascinating to see how he would have exploited the popular technology for his artistic ends, but this site offers something of a fitting tribute.

Visit the site here to create your own screentest and take a look at those submitted by others.

On January 20, MoMA’s PopRally will be hosting an event with artist Conrad Ventur, including a viewing of the exhibition and the opportunity for visitors to record their own screen tests.  Let us know if you are planning to attend below.