blackmaps is delighted to present an exclusive installation at Dover Street Market for Comme Des
Garcons. Featuring exhibition of selected original illustrations along with playback of Martin Rebelski’s
score, the installation is curated by blackmaps and created by artist Rohan Eason.

Copies of the book package and artist signed fine art prints will be available at Dover Street Market in
limited numbers.

Commissioned and published by Black Maps Press, ‘Anna & the Juniper Dog’ is the second part of a print and audio trilogy featuring the collaborative work of author Geoff Cox, illustrator Rohan Eason and composer Martin Rebelski.

Combining intricate surrealist prose with exquisite pen and ink illustrations and a haunting piano and string score, the book echoes the ink black spell of the strangest fairy tales, as refracted through a surrealist’s prism. Issued in a highly collectable first edition of 600 ‘Anna & the Juniper Dog’ is a contemporary cult classic that resonates with the air of a timeless hermetic text. Produced by blackmaps for Black Maps Press and designed by Scot Bendal’s La Boca Studio (Black Swan) the book package is presented as a cloth bound and foil blocked hard back edition.