This March 2010, during the Armory Arts Week, Anonymous Gallery will be exhibiting at Scope Art Show; featuring Eric Haze, Greg Lamarche, and Kostas Seremetis, collaborating with the Time Square Alliance to present a public installation from artists such as David Ellis and Roberto Lange producing a benefit for Haiti at the gallery on Bowery and re-launching the Anonymoushop.

Anonymoushop is an extension of Anonymous Gallery and a way to satisfy the gallery’s interests in popular culture, design and commerce, the shop features selected artist designed merchandise, publications and editions. Housed in a 24ft 1964 Vintage Airstream Tradewind trailer, the original interior has been removed and redesigned to serve a retail purpose; the interior itself will continue to evolve as an ongoing installation. Anonymoushop has planned partnerships with various organizations and invites guest “curators” to help develop both a consistent and ever-changing inventory.

The mobile shop will be positioned at a variety of locations in New York but finds home outside of The Standard NYC March 3 – 7, 2010. Artists merchandise from the likes of Rita Ackermann, Banksy, Terry Richardson, Ryan McGinness, Dan Colen will be available at Anonymoushop positioned outside the Standard. The shop will be parked and open to the public 9 am – 9 pm at 13th Street and Washington Street during the Armory Arts Week and in time to collaborate with the SCOPE Art Show’s opening party at The Standard on March 3rd.

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