You probably don’t know it yet, but you know the work of Another Company. The innocuously named PR Company tends to fly under the radar, but enjoys a client roster that reads like an elite version of ‘Who’s Who’ in the popular marketplace.

For the past six years, Another Company has been the PR agency pushing the creative envelope in Mexico City. Owners Jaspar Eyears and Rodrigo Peñafiel have created a science to carving distinct and innovative paths that lead both clients and consumers down the rabbit hole to Wonderland.

Down that path, you’ll find clients from Nike to Donna Karan, Mario Testino to Dunhill, Etro, XX, Bohemia, Casa Dragones Tequila, Calvin Klein, and many more.

During my recent south-of-the-border excursion, I found myself in the midst of a gastronomic adventure as Another Company and Dunhill hosted “Dinner with Cornelius Gallagher” in both Mexico City and Guadalajara. Chef Cornelius Gallagher famed for his career bio that could easily be mistaken for the ultimate foodie bible (Daniel, Bouley, Lespinasse, L’Esperance, Peacock Alley, El Bulli, Oceana), and “Cocktail King,” Colin Asare-Appiah flew down from New York to wine and dine a standout group of Mexico’s crème de la crème.

From the color scheme of each venue designed to mimic the Dunhill boxes, to the models dressed as “cigarette girls” in custom outfits created by former Editor in Chief of Nylon guys, Mexico Claudia Guiterrez Padilla, to the one-of-a-kind drinks skillfully crafted by the Cocktail King, the events were a perfect blend of conception and execution to the utmost degree.

I sat down with Another Company’s Jaspar Eyears for an interview and some insight.

How’d you end up in Mexico?

Jaspar Eyears– The nightclub buzz was inherited from my mother who ran the Groucho Club (in London) for many years. Surrounded by chefs and bartenders got me heavily into food and drinks, and at the opportunity of a gap year I decided to start working in what was then, a restaurant called 192 in Notting Hill. Soon bored, I managed to persuade Dick Bradsell, a cross dressing, dive bar host and possibly the best cocktail person on the planet, to take me under his wing. From there on I was firmly in the world of the mixed drink. It soon led to an offer to come down to Mexico City.

After coming down here to help your friends with their business ventures, what made you stay?

Jaspar Eyears– I didn’t stay on from those projects. I helped open a nightclub here for a couple of guys, went back to the UK, returned a few years later to help with an Absolut launch, and returned to the UK. After finding myself in a pretty dark place, I got myself back to health in London before the original club owners invited me out to see if I wanted to live here (Mexico City) on a more permanent basis.

How did Another Company come about?

Jaspar Eyears– Thanks to a company that used to be called Allied Domecq, nos Pernod Ricard. They wanted a team to run their brands and asked Rodrigo (Peñafiel) to set up the business and he pulled myself, and our friend Crispin into the fold, and here we are.

What have been some of your strangest collaborations?

Jaspar Eyears– Kaws and XX, Dunhill Cigarettes and Fergus Henderson, Casa Dragones Tequila and Jade Jagger.

Kaws and XX was your idea?

Jaspar Eyears– Correct.

Any upcoming projects or collaborations?

Jaspar Eyears– Uff  there’s a confidentiality agreement breaker for you. Possibly another Romanelli project this year or so.

In addition to Another Company, you own stores as well?

Jaspar Eyears– Yes, a few. We were approached to partner up with Nike on the Nike Sportswear flagship stores in Mexico, and before that we had and still have a group of stores called Shelter around the country. Sneaker stores feeding one of my last two vices.

Why Mexico?

Jaspar Eyears– Anything in Mexico is good if you can get through the transitional period of moving here and become applied. You can pretty much do anything you want business-wise. Diversifying is easy, and good ideas fly faster.

Interview by Joy Yoon.