Perhaps the UK’s most popular artist Anthony Gormley has just opened a new exhibition at the White Cube Gallery in London.

The exhibition features two main works which see Gormley take a break from his well known public works (The Angel Of The North, Event Horizon, 4th Plinth, etc..) to return to his commercial gallery with works that examine the human relationship with space and their environment. The first a series of human like figures, which upon closer inspection are actually put together from a series of rusted metal blocks created unsing architectural principles.

However the real star of the show is entitled “Breathing Room III”.  Taking over a whole room of the gallery it places the visitor into a Tron-like computer landscape.  However, unlike the recent, and similar UVA exhibition in London he doesn’t use computers and clever lighting techniques, but the more analogue approach of pipes painted in glow in the dark and UV paint.

Check it out at the White Cube Gallery in London until 10th July.