Continuing on series of artist interviews, I have caught up with Anthony Lister. The Australian born artist who is making exceptional moves on the scene at present and bases himself inbetween his native Australia and New York. Lister gives us his thoughts on what inspires him to the current climate of the art scene and everything in between making for another interesting read.

SLAMXHYPE – Can you tell us a bit about where you are from?

Anthony Lister – I was born in Brisbane Australia where the average age of the population is 50years old. There are a lot of cars where I come from.

SXH – What did you want to be when you were a child?

AL – When I was really young I thought I wanted to be the guy that worked at the carnival fair because he was always surrounded by toys and people and loud music. It wasn’t until I was a little older that I could have all of that by becoming a creative. I still kind of want to be that fat guy with the mega phone taunting jocks to take a chance and win ‘the big one’ for their girlfriends though.


SXH – How did you get your first breakthrough?

AL – That all depends on your definition of breakthrough. The first breakthrough was getting out of my mothers womb. The first education type breakthrough was probably landing a mentorship in New York when I was 22. The first professional type breakthrough was probably when I started painting super heroes in a big way in like 2006.
SXH – Where do you find inspiration and influence on a daily basis? why?

AL – It comes from conversations and over analysis. Sometimes meditation. I find inspiration in the trying times, like when you feel like you are swimming with weights on, pressure, that’s when I perform best.
SXH – Anyone you desire to work with/for?

AL – I could be crazy and say like Michael Jackson or Charles Manson, because that would be strange and interesting. But I don’t really think about collaborations much. They are the sorts of thing that just happens at the right time for the right reasons.


SXH – What’s the best thing about the city you live in? Why?

AL – I am living in Sydney for 2 months at the moment. I really like the building I live in because it is full of graffiti so it awesomely colorful and always changing. Also I like the skate park and the people I am hanging out with heaps.
SXH – Where is the best place to eat? Why?

AL – On the corner.

SXH – Best Shop in your city? Why?

AL – The art store. Just because.
SXH – Best Gallery in your city? why?

AL – The MCA. Just because.


SXH – Favourite place to visit? why?

AL – The corner. For food.
SXH – What do you think of the current climate of the art scene? why?

AL – There are a lot of good vibes. It’s awesome.
SXH – What artists are changing the way we think at the moment?

AL – It’s not my job to drop that shit. I’m a painter not a strategist.
SXH – Any artists that perhaps we should look out for? why?

AL – Ben Frost. Because he is a really good painter and a great guy.
SXH – Where do you see the art scene in 10 years time?

AL -What did the 0 say to the 8…
SXH – What’s green, fluffy and lives in your second drawer?

AL – Nice belt.


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