Here is a compelling look at the works from Anthony Lister’s most recent exhibition entitled ‘The Beauty Of Failure’ that is now open at Show & Tell Gallery.

The Beauty of Failure is a unique look at the reward and punishment systems, and more specifically when the two overlap. The paintings and sculptures in this show demonstrate a tongue in cheek look at contemporary pop culture through Anthony’s signature artistic style.

Anthony’s paintings, drawings, sculptures and happenings pull from his experiences as a youth in Australia. Superheroes, skateboarding, graffiti, tattoos, the internet, and pop culture are reflected in his artistic practice. His fine art has been displayed in galleries across the globe in cities such as New York, London, Los Angeles, Sydney, and we are excited to add Toronto to the list.

Please join us for the opening of The Beauty of Failure on Friday July 9th. The pieces in Anthony’s upcoming show are definitely worth seeing in the flesh.