The Royal Academy’s Burlington Gardens is hosting a 3 month exhibition entitled GSK Contemporary. Included amongst this show is one of SLAMXHYPE’s favourite Artist’s Antony Micallef selection of new works with a new angle and train of thought behind it. Juxtapoz describes the collection of works, “At once beautiful and troubling, Anthony’s work examines our dichotomous relationship with consumerism, questioning how we can despise multi-national brands yet still allow ourselves to be seduced by them.

He often uses the union of two opposites to make an intriguing chemistry. Micallef’s practice has been summarized as ‘critical pop’, exposing the darker side of our consumerist society.”

The 4 bronze, nickel plated 13ft sculptures from L.A will be displayed in the forecourt. New paintings will be displayed inside, one of which is below.

More info : Juxtapoz & Antony Micallef