This is almost worthy of a NSFW warning, Michael Tompert and Paul Fairchild spent several months buying the newest and greatest in Apple products before creatively destroying them in order to create this series of photos.

“Tompert said the idea for the project came to him after he gave each of his two sons an ipod touch for christmas. he said the two boys fought over one of the devices, which had a certain game on it. fed up with the quarrel, tompert said he grabbed one of the ipods and smashed it on the ground.

‘they were kind of stunned – the screen was broken and this liquid poured out of it. I got my camera to shoot it,’ tompert said. ‘my wife told me that i should do something with it.’

in all, tompert created 12 images of destroyed apple products, working with his friend paul fairchild, a photographer. ‘they had to be a brand-new product,’ tompert said. ‘it’s not about destroying old products. it’s about our relationship with the new.’

his methods of destruction varied by gadget. to destroy an iphone 3g device, he used a heckler & koch handgun to blow a hole through it. to obliterate a set of ipod nanos, he placed the devices on a train track so that a locomotive would run over them.”

Images: Design Boom

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  1. Ezee

    what a waste man! there are so many underprivileged kids who could learn so much with these products and here you are destroying them! shameful!

  2. Goodsmeagol

    mac products are very rarely used for learning purposes.
    that’s what this series is saying.
    that when ppl buy these great new gadgets with all these crazy capabilites and use it for nothing but facebook and twitter and stupid apps like “the big fart button” (yes, that is a real iphone app, my friends) they’re doing the exact same thing.

    • DKKD

      I don’t think this series of work is saying that “people rarely learn from Apple products” at all… it’s just about our relationship with the new, blah blah blah, but I think at the end of the day the artist was just inspired by a cool image of an destroyed Apple product and wanted to run with it, and that whole relationship with the new theme was just an elaboration.

      But can’t help but think it is a waste, to buy brand new Apple products and destroying them… this guy must have money to throw. And maybe if he destroyed other things instead of strictly Apple products it would’ve said more than it does now…

      • uneducatedguess

        The last two actually have some type of visual appeal, the rest are just pictures of trash. It’s like someone saying The Beatles suck or saying The Black Lips are overrated and then you go to their house and they have all their albums. They can’t help being good at what they do, and this is either a childish attempt at rebellion towards fads or a things you do when you’re rich, uninspired, and stoned.

  3. Rlaarthur

    What a bunch of psudo-creative, over thought, self indulgent crap.

    • Sharder

      RIaarthur is probably right, but of all the ‘psudo-creative, overthought, self-indulgent crap’ you see in art-museums and people try to get someone to notice, this is actually some of the better. It has a definitive visual appeal and is beatifully photographed. And of course it has to be Apple-products – the most loved and most hated.

  4. zer0

    Looks ideal to me. Overpriced under-performing tech coated in marketing genius becoming the art Apple so very much want it to be in destruction.

    Brilliant. Now, if only the whole product range could be included.