Steve Jobs from Apple has finally made an announcement this morning for the Apple iPad.

Earlier last year the rumor mill started going that Apple was to release a tablet and it is finally here. It does everything you expect it to do like run apps, games, Youtube HD, 9.7 inch IPS display and only 1.5 pounds. There is three options for storage either 16 gb, 32 gb, and 64 gb. All this is exciting and everything but the way I think the iPad will revolutionize things is in print and eBook capabilities. For some, it will be great to be able to read your newspaper on here, have access to 1000’s of books, and also subscribe to your favorite magazines. I won’t try to explain much as you can check out the live coverage of the event on most gadget sites but I will tell you it would be amazing to experience THE NEW ORDER on this perfect device.


Starting at $499. More info at Apple.

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3 Responses

    • Allan

      Flash isnt so much of a problem, its an easy work around, but no USB support is a massive fail – majority will buy it for web surfing, social network use.. how do you upload your photos?