In what is always exciting news to hear the Cupertino, CA based company has confirmed that October 4th is the Official date for the Apple iPhone 5 announcement. The iPhone changed not only the mobile phone market but also the way us iPhone users live life, and they are hoping to redefine things again with the iPhone 5. Not much is known beyond the regular rumors which include a thinner and wider body, better camera, and a faster processor. There is also one more thing that will be announced which some people think will be a cheaper more economic version. We will have to wait and see.

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  1. John Williams

    This is very nicely reviewed and after the successful launch of the apple i phone 4s i am waiting too much desperately for the apple’s i phone 5, 4s has many nice features in it a better camera which really tells us that what is meant by High Quality photos or High definition pictures, & the application Siri is the best application i have ever seen in my whole life, i wonder what will be i phone 5 is containing for us?
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