A collection of works from world renowned Japanese photographer, Nobuyoshi Araki will be on display at Prism, LA’s newest gallery, this being their second ever show. The exhibition, opening on March the 6th, will feature around seventy works by Araki, all of which are as thought provoking and stimulating as the next, gaining him worldwide exposure and acclaim. Also working for the biggest commercial names out there, Araki has just recently photographed music sensation Lady Gaga for Vogue Hommes Japan, capturing her in his signature “bondage style” attire.

Araki explains of his process as a photographer, “What’s important in my work is always the relationship between me and the object – – it’s a kind of love story. I don’t concern myself with why a relationship starts or where it goes. The most important thing is just the relationship between the two of us at that moment. This world becomes our world.”

Prism 8746 West Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069. The exhibition will run through to the 9th March 2010.